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What We Do

Welcome to Focus as a Service. In our Focus Studio Sessions, you'll find a balance of work and mindfulness that enhances concentration. Whether you're a creative professional, a remote worker, or a student, our sessions are designed to improve your focus and productivity. We offer a supportive environment that helps you grow and find harmony in your daily tasks. Join us to make your everyday work more productive and peaceful.

How It Works

Welcome to Focus as a Service, a place designed for distraction-free productivity. Our Focus Studio Sessions offer a virtual, easy-to-schedule environment where you can concentrate deeply on your work. They're ideal for creatives, students, and remote workers looking to improve focus and connect with others. In each session, you'll have the opportunity to track your progress, making your work more mindful and effective.


Why do I need this?

Imagine a place where your membership unlocks the door to enhanced productivity. Our Focus Studio Sessions offer a virtual space where concentration meets creativity. It's an environment rich with -backed tools and resources to stimulate your mind, ideal for creative professionals, remote workers, and students. Experience guided focus exercises and a sense of community that transforms work into a collaborative and engaging experience. Join us at Focus as a Service to make your workdays more productive and fulfilling.

What is a Focus Studio Session like?

Envision a Zoom session transformed into a center of productivity: everyone is concentrated, with cameras on and microphones off. Each session starts with an engaging, mind-stimulating activity, followed by work sprints using the Pomodoro Technique — 25 minutes of dedicated work and then a 5-minute break. Guided by our Focus Leader, this approach combines efficiency with enjoyment, making it suitable for any kind of project. Join us for a session where focused work is both productive and rewarding.

When are Focus Studio Sessions available?

Prepare for a week filled with productivity! Our sessions are mainly scheduled to align with Central US time, offering convenience for those in or near this timezone. However, we've included a range of times to fit various schedules. Booking is straightforward and just a click away on our platform. We also continuously adjust our schedule based on your feedback, ensuring it's as accessible as it is effective. Join us at a time that works for you and enhance your focus!

Where can I find more information about the research behind Focus as a Service?

For more information about the research behind Focus as a Service, visit the About page of the Focus Framework newsletter blog. There, you'll find detailed insights and studies that form the foundation of our methods and approach. It's a great resource to understand the science and effectiveness of our techniques, helping you see just how our service can benefit your productivity and focus. Explore the blog to deepen your understanding of our foundations and principles.

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